Imported DateTime is not correct

I have set imported file and it shows me CSV as the following value:
2023-03-14 15:07:48
When I import it is corrupted DATETIME value (just example):
0000-00-00 08:37:09
Is there an issue with the formatted value as data feed?
Need help.

How are you importing it, and what database engine are you using?
Can you show us a line from the CSV, and its value when you import it?

Was 08:37:09 the time that you imported the row?

Value is not connected to the automatic imported value according to the time and Date.
Need help why it is imported DATTIME 2023-03-14 15:07:48 but inside MYSQL it is 0000-00-00 08:37:09

It is a format:


Do you think it is a corrupted data feed value (it is correctly seen inside a source feed) or it is a conversion setting issue?

Without seeing the data you’re feeding into it, shrug